Digital Twin Pro

Provides CAE-based safety diagnosis and predictive operation and maintenance management digital twin system for core facilities in hydraulic, energy and other industries, support forecasting, warning, previewing and planning

Yuansuan Digital Twin Pro

Accurate Forecasting
Combine weather forecasts, drive structural simulation, extend monitoring area
Extreme preview
Simulate extreme working conditions, deduce safety situation and support emergency rescue
Advance Planning
Preset operation plan, support scheduling optimization, assist management decision-making
Risk warning
Build an algorithm model, analyze security thresholds, monitor alerts in advance

Digital Twin Pro Integrating Industrial Simulation Technology

Integrating monitoring perception, data modeling & analysis, simulation modeling & analysis, and industry knowledge, providing safety forecasting, risk warning, scenario preview, and management planning. Suitable for digital management of dam safety monitoring, basin flood control, urban flood management, and offshore wind power management, etc

Algorithm controllable
Industrial grade domestic simulation software with controllable code and rich applications. Covering a 1D & 2D hydrological dynamic structure & materials, CFD, aggregate/distributed hydrological models, etc
Sufficient data
Aggregate existing monitoring data, sweep data and historical stored data for data analysis. Combine with data modeling to generate millions sets of virtual data Use data assimilation technology to make the calculation results of the twin closer to physical engineering
Stronger computing power
Yuansuan has cooperated with several HPC centers to make high-performance computing better serve the rendering and computation of digital twins through cloud-based technology to dynamically display real-time
Dam Safety Monitoring and Research System
Dam Safety Monitoring and Research System
Early warning systems for basin flooding
Early warning systems for basin flooding
Urban Flood Risk Management System
Urban Flood Risk Management System
Offshore Wind Power Intelligent Operation and Maintenance System
Offshore Wind Power Intelligent Operation and Maintenance System

Successful Cases

Safety management of arch dam
Numerical simulations create thousands of virtual dam monitoring points, achieving over 70% accuracy in six months. Managers get real-time data on dam stress, pressure, and displacement
Basin flood risk management
Offers regional flood forecasts for 1hr to 7 days. The platform optimizes reservoir flood plans, previews extreme storm risks, and reviews past disasters for emergency planning
Urban waterlogging management
Provides thousands of virtual points for complete water condition monitoring. Tracks historic waterlogging, simulates extreme weather floods, and is frequently used by flood control departments
Digital offshore wind maintenance
Yuansuan's offshore wind power platform offers sonar pile scour monitoring, multi-dimensional data analysis for scour warnings, and submarine cable risk evaluation