Customer Success Stories


An Auto OEM

Costs cut by over 60% 100% resource utilization

Centralized management of GPU resources

Automotive design firm

99.99% stable platform data transmission boosted 10x

Batch Submission / Instant Download / Offsite Office

A R&D center of a group

70% investment savings GPU-focused management

Off-site Office / Pre & Post Processing

An enterprise's R&D center

80% startup cost cut ready-to-use platform

0 Implementation Cycle / Collaboration

An Equipment manufacturer

50% revenue boost competition won

Schematic Design / Simulation Analysis Report

A furnishing enterprise

10% cost cut million Yuan profit boost on one product

Safe material reduction

A leisure car part enterprise

50% system resistance drop 20% inflation pressure rise

Optimized design / improved performance

A tractor enterprise

Problem identified in 2 weeks optimization plan submitted

Optimize the product / Reduce experimentation

Agricultural machinery firm

Enhanced parts durability lower sales cost

Improve product competitiveness

A garden tool enterprise

10% wind speed boost 27% flow rate rise

More even wind speed / CFD fluid analysis

One-stop intelligent O&M

Early Alert: Pile Scour & Cable Exposure Risks

Online sonar monitoring

Real-time monitoring of dam

Dam aging prediction save on monitoring gear

Automatic warning

Flood digital management

7-day risk forecast comprehensive evolution map

Zero Blind Zones of Risk / Early Warning of Disasters

Digital prevent of flood risk

7-day flood forecast holistic point & surface perception

Precise Scheduling / Closed-loop Management