"Simulation+Cloud" empowers industrial digital transformation

Provide industrial-class solutions, avoid the risk of technical security
Deeply penetrate into domestic industrial scene
Realize the cloudization of talents, computer power, algorithms, ect


According to the industry characteristics, fit the business needs, provide scenario-based solutions

Software products

Whoever you are a simulation engineer, an industrial designer, an operations and maintenance person or an enterprise manager, you will find the right product from Yuansuan!
Cloud Simulation Platform
Based on HPC architecture, supporting different deployment methods
Gewu Cloud CAE
Cloud-native CAE system for industrial use, covering structural and fluid mechanics
Industrial APP
Cloud-native industrial-class APP platform, efficient and easy-to-use scenario-based toolset
Digital Twin Pro
Digital twin system based on CAE simulation technology, support forecast, warn, preview and plan

Service products

Experienced industry experts, CAE simulation engineers, computer hardware and software engineers, etc. provide consulting services

Successful Cases

An Automobile OEM
Yuansuan saves customers over 70% in hardware and system integration costs. Engineers can use laptops anywhere for simulation pre and post-processing, boosted by HPC for efficiency.
A tractor enterprise
Yuansuan's engineering consulting quickly identified the root cause of mechanical failure and optimized the product, helping clients reduce physical experiment time and improve validation/optimization.
Management of city flood in Henan Province
Numerical simulation creates thousands of virtual monitoring points, covering water conditions like level and flow rate. This lets the Flood Control Department predict waterlogging risks a day or week ahead during flood season.
Safety monitoring of an arch dam in Zhejiang
Numerical simulation offers 70% accurate dam monitoring points after six months. Managers can instantly view real-time data, visualizing extreme dam conditions in minutes.